Why Professional Development Is Your Friend

Professional Development Can Help Unleash Your Passions 

When I began my career with Rice Cohen International I felt overwhelmed. I was researching income and the “game changers” of CEOs and board members of fairly large companies. Then I, me- the former database administrator, had to reach out to these high level executives and try to convince them to interview with my clients. So I did everything I could think of to prove myself in my first year including reading up on industry trends and the new digital landscape.

Proving Yourself Can Be Daunting If You Don’t Know What You Are Talking About

And in the case of anything digital or internet related all the more even when you have some semblance of knowledge. So in my spare time I began attempting to code a website, poorly albeit, but coded nonetheless. Then after showing my supervisor my side project became heavily involved with putting the firm’s well respected brand in the retained executive search space on the digital map. I helped the web developer who actually did the coding design the layout and graphic of the site and continue the maintenance of its processes. I became very passionate about both inbound and out bound digital marketing and now am the defacto head of this budding department.

Its Not As Much Time As It Seems

I typically spend about three hours per professional development project I am working on per week. Currently this involves email marketing and coding as well as learning Españole. I am not the greatest in any of these areas but one day hope to be of more value. Which is really the point, you don’t need to be the best you just need to add value. Dedicating an hour at first and building from there will not only show those in leadership roles your initiative but also help motivate you to be better in you career.

The Point Is 

There is literally no downside to a little professional development. Even the most senior level executive always has something new to learn. Becoming a learner will not only have the higher ups noticing you but you will quickly begin achieving the goals you set out for yourself. Start by looking at what skills are needed in your career of choice, or even a new language. Learning something new will put you ahead of your peers, help you stand out to senior leadership, and give you that extra kick towards your professional goals.

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